Friday, June 5, 2009

FBController - The Ultimate Utility to Control Facebook Accounts

Just to put a downer on all the script kiddies, this utility WILL NOT hack/crack Facebook passwords or accounts.

You need to feed it biscuits (cookies) before you can do anything.

You can get the target’s cookie by sniffing, XSS, social engineering, ARP Poison-Sniffing, Scroogle search or however you like.

Once you have the cookies you can use FBController to have Full control over the target’s Facebook account.

Login to your Facebook account and sniff your own cookie OR collect a few live Facebook Biscuit/s of your Target/s.

Till now FBController version 1.0 uses your Target’s provided cookie and only :

A > Downloads the HomePage.
B > Allows you to Update the Target’s Wall and
C > Retrieve your Target’s Friend’s List

There are many APIs available to write apps and 3rd party Tools for FB in Java, Perl, .NET, etc.

FBConTroller was entirely written without knowing any of Facebook’s Dev API’s. Considering the above along with Facebook’s complexity, the next version might take some time to get released

You can download FBController here:


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